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What Happened To Damo Shortland Street, Who Is Damo Shortland?

What Happened To Damo Shortland Street, Who Is Damo Shortland?

What Happened To Damo Shortland Street: Damo Johnson is been a fictional character in the series of New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street. People are wondering to know about What Happened To Damo Shortland Street, If you people to have the same query then you are in the right place. In this article, we will see about What Happened To Damo Shortland Street, Who Is Damo Shortland?

Who Is Damo Shortland?

A fictitious character on the New Zealand soap series Shortland Street is Damien Alex Heath “Damo” Johnson. Damo, played by comedian Grant Lobban, first appeared in a guest role throughout the course of several years before turning into a regular character in 2017. Damo was mostly created as comic relief, although he has also appeared in plots including his diagnosis with intestinal cancer. In 2015, the role of Damo was cast for a single guest appearance, and comedian Grant Lobban played the part.

What Happened To Damo Shortland Street?

After being struck by a bus, Damo Johnson of Shortland Street, a sweet but socially awkward dad of one, is now fighting for his life. Despite the greatest efforts of surgeon Drew McCaskill to save his partner, Damo is still in a coma and it is unknown whether or when he will awaken. Friends support his wife Desi, who is distraught to learn she might lose her husband just a few weeks after they got married.

Damo Shortland Street Comeback

Forrester, a fellow comedian, claims that witnessing her on-screen husband fight for his life has been the most difficult plotline she has experienced during her time on the show. She claims that the scene of Damo lying there with so much blood on him will always stand out in her mind. While Damo was originally intended to make a single guest appearance in 2015, he made several more appearances until Lobban joined the cast as a regular in 2017. The comedian-turned-actor, who may have served as comic relief, didn’t let that stop him from developing his dramatic skills as Damo dealt with one life-threatening incident after another. Damo was horrified to learn he had intestinal cancer in 2017. Lobban was pleased to see his character’s plot take a drastic turn to highlight the risks colon cancer poses for hundreds of New Zealanders each year, even though the character ultimately got life-saving surgery.

Damo Shortland Street Disease

The actor claimed that Damo was a clear target for the illness at the time. Two years later, Damo was shot during a heist at the IV pub and once again nearly avoided death. The bullet completely damaged Damo’s liver, and the only reason the computer whiz survived was that Drew, who avoided the bullet that wounded Damo, agreed to give a portion of his own liver. Damo refers to the two as “brothers of the liver,” and they later developed an unexpected and frequently awkward bromance. A few years later, Damo had his next and most heartbreaking close encounter with death. The character fell into profound despair after the passing of his father, which led to thoughts of suicide. He was discovered standing on an overpass for a highway.

Shortland Street

The inaugural episode of the prime-time New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street, which is centred on the fictional Shortland Street Hospital, aired on TVNZ 2 on May 25, 1992. With almost 7,400 episodes and 30 years of continuous broadcast, it is the longest-running drama and soap opera in New Zealand and one of the most popular shows on local television. The programme debuted with mixed reviews and was initially broadcast in five half-hour episodes per week.  It lost viewers after its premiere and would have been cancelled if TVNZ hadn’t pre-ordered an entire year’s worth of episodes.

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What Happened To Damo Shortland Street – FAQs

1. Who plays Damo on Shortland Street?  

Damien Alex Heath “Damo” Johnson is a fictional character on the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street. Portrayed by comedian Grant Lobban, Damo first appeared over several years in a guest role before becoming a regular character in 2017.

2. How long has Damo been on Shortland Street?  

Shortland Street have written into their story line Damo ( played by Grant Lobban)being diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. Lobban says Damo, the geeky IT guy he has played for two years, is the perfect candidate for the killer disease. “He’s an unhealthy eater. He’s always got those junk-food wrappers on his desk.

3. What happened to Boyd on Shortland Street?  

Boyd made an unannounced departure from the street on 16 September 2021 after reuniting with his wife Zara Chakraborty. Sam Bunkall served a total of 9 years on the show, being one of the longest characters on the show.

4. What happened to Eve on Shortland Street?  

In June 2020 Remus and Romulus were dropped to Boyd by a lawyer who informed him Eve was giving him full custody. Eve later returned at the end of the year and abducted the twins.

5. What happened to Phoenix on Shortland Street?  

The character departed after dying of an overdose in the episode airing on 23 October 2020.

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