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Shivanjali Porje Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Networth & More

Shivanjali Porje Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Networth & More

Hello friends, you must have heard about many people going viral on the internet. Who got so much fame overnight which no one could have expected even in a dream. 

So in today’s post also we are going to tell you about one such girl. Who created panic all over Instagram with his cute expression and lipsync videos. So friends, we are talking about just 8 years old little actress “Shivanjali Porje”.

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In this post, we will tell you about the beautiful journey from the birth of Shivanjali Porje to becoming famous all over India.

Shivanjali Porje Biography

Shivanjali Porje 1
NameShivanjali Porje
Date of Birth27 July 2012
BirthplaceNashik, Maharashtra
Father’s NameVishnu Patil Porje
Mother’s NameJyoti Porje
BrotherTushar Porje
Pratik Porje
Boyfriend / CrushN/A (no one)
ProfessionInstagram influencer
Short Video Creator
Famous ForLypsinc Videos
Age9 Years (in 2021)

Shivanjali Porje was born in the year 2012 in a Marathi Hindu family in the city of Nashik, Maharashtra. Shivanjali’s father’s name is Vishnu Patil Porje, and mother’s name is Jyoti Porje. 

Apart from parents, Shivanjali also has two elder brothers in her family. Whose names are Pratik and Tushar Porje. 

Shivanjali Porje Education

So let us now know about Shivanjali’s school life. 8-year-old Shivanjali is currently a class 3rd student in a school in Nashik. It is said that Shivanjali is very smart in studies.

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SchoolPrimary School of Nashik (Name – N/A)
CollegeSchool only
Class3rd (in 2021)

Viral Instagram Star Shivanjali Porje

So as you must have seen how viral Shivanjali has become on Instagram. But, how and when did it start? 

So tell you that Shivanjali has 2 instagram accounts .

1st Instagram Account@shivanjaliporje.03
2nd Instagram Account@shivanjali_porje_

1st Instagram Account of Shivanjali Porje

The first account is  @shivanjaliporje.03   . Which started on 19 April 2020. There are more than 5 lakh followers on this account now. If you are reading this post after some time then the number of followers may have reached millions.

The most viral reel of this account of his is –  “Somebody loved us for a moment”. In which Shivanjali completed more than 20 million views only with her cute expression. 

The second most liked reel of the same account was the one in which Shivanjali made the  best lipsync video on the song “Mere Mann Mein Shiva” in Marathi getup on the occasion of “Jayanti of Maharaja Chhatrapati Shivaji” . 

This video has also been viewed more than 13 million i.e. 1 crore 30 lakh times on Instagram. 

2nd Instagram Account of Shivanjali Porje :

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Now talk about his 2nd account then his username is  @shivanjali_porje_  , it started on 23 September 2020. Shivanjali is getting the love of millions of followers on this account too. 

The most viral reel of this account is the one in which Shivanjali had  put a lipsync video of the song  Agar Tum Saath  Ho” . This video has been seen by 45 million people i.e. “four and a half crore” people so far. 

This was his first most viral video and only because of this he got a new identity. 

Most Viral Reels of Shivanjali Porje

Total Reels Published200+ (Till Mar 2021)
Total Views400Million + (Until Mar 2021)

95% of Shivanjali’s videos have millions of views. And when we totaled the views of all his videos, we were surprised, because in just a few months, this little artist has been viewed  more than 350 million  i.e. more than 35 crore times. 

So go ahead! You have come to know that how many accounts Shivanjali has and how much content she keeps putting on them. But, this question must also be coming in your mind that, who manages both their accounts. 

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So the answer is  – Pratik Porje . Yes ! Pratik is Shivanjali’s elder brother and it is because of him that Shivanjali has reached this position today. You happened! Some time ago Pratik jokingly made a video of Shivanjali and uploaded it on Instagram.

And he saw that every video is becoming viral. Then both the brothers and sisters together made a plan to keep posting the video and that is why Shivanjali became viral all over India so fast. 

At the end of this post, we have also told very surprising facts related to Shivanjali’s Instagram account. So do read the post till the last. 

Youtube Channel of Shivanjali Porje

Shivanjali Youtube ChannelShivanjaliporje 03
Current SubscribersHidden
Total Views444k + (Until April 2021)
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Not only Instagram but Shivanjali has become quite viral on YouTube as well. On 13 February 2021, he  started the youtube channel – shivanjaliporje 03  . And completed more than 2 lakh views in just 20 days. 

TV Advertisements

Due to becoming so viral overnight, Shivanjali became a celebrity. And they also started getting offers from many TV advertisements. 

Meanwhile, Shivanjali added her first TV, in which she appeared in the advertisement of ” Parivar Chai Masala”  .

04 Facts about Shivanjali Porje Instagram

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So let us now know about some amazing facts related to Shivanjali’s Instagram account – 

  • It took just 2 days for Shivanjali to reach 1 lakh followers from 25 thousand followers. 
  • Shivanjali had completed 5 lakh followers in just 5 months. 
  • It took them only 60 days to reach from 100k to 500k followers. 
  • Due to his every reel becoming viral, he completed total 350 million views in March 2021 itself. 

Last word

In this post, we shared with you information related to Shivanjali Porje Biography, Net Worth, Age, Height & More hope that you will like this Shivanjali Porje biography.

Thank you for read this article. If you like this article, please tell us on comment Section. If you want to read more article please visit our more articles and stay tune with us.

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