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Shining Girls Cast, Who Are The Cast In Shining Girls?

Shining Girls Cast, Who Are The Cast In Shining Girls?

Shining Girls Cast: Shining Girls is an American thriller streaming television series and people are wondering to know about Shining Girls Cast, If you too have the same query then check this article and know who is in the Shining Girls Cast. So take a look!

Shining Girls Cast, Who Are The Cast In Shining Girls?

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Shining Girls

The Year 2013 novel The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes inspired the American thriller streaming television series Shining Girls. Elisabeth Moss, Wagner Moura, and Jamie Bell are the series’ main actors. On April 29, 2022, Apple TV+ hosted its debut. On March 11, 2022, a section of the series had its debut at South by Southwest. Continue to read further and know about Shining Girls Cast.

Shining Girls Cast

Cast Characters
Elisabeth Moss Kirby
Wagner Moura Dan 
Phillipa Soo Jin-Sook
Chris Chalk Marcus
Amy Brenneman Rachel
Jamie Bell Harper 
Christopher Denham Leo Jenkins
Deanna Reed-Foster Sheila
Kevin Gudahl Detective Shawn Lynsky
Nate Burger Gary
Marc Grapey Howard 
Madeline Baird Summer Francis 
Madeline Brewer    Klara Meiser 
Karen Rodriguez Julia Madrigal

Shining Girls Cast And Characters

Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss, who plays Kirby Mazrachi in the show, is our major protagonist. When Kirby was assaulted violently and traumatized, she decided against pursuing her dream of being a journalist. When she learns of a recent murder that shares many similarities with her own attack, she first appears to us in the 1990s while working as a newspaper archivist at the Chicago Sun-Times. Kirby struggles with her trauma-affected memory and is unsure of which memories are genuine and which are figments of her imagination as she digs deeper and becomes more engrossed in the case.

Wagner Moura

Wagner Moura’s character, Dan Velazquez, is a seasoned writer with the Chicago Sun-Times who teams up with Kirby to look into the case and learn the truth behind the deaths. Dan proves to be a strong and dependable ally for Kirby as he assists her with the inquiry while also providing a secure setting for her to talk about what happened and process the trauma she is still dealing with. He appears to be the first one to actually pay attention to her and take her reality-altering encounters and sieve-like recollections seriously.

Phillipa Soo

Kirby locates another potential Harper victim in the present day while conducting the inquiry and gets in touch with her to hear about her experiences. Jin-Sook, a powerful, knowledgeable lady who works as a researcher at the Adler Planetarium, is this other victim. Regardless of whether Jin-Sook has been physically harmed yet, she is aware that she and Kirby are linked by their attacker. Harper can be seen stalking her on several occasions and lurking in the background of her apartment in the trailer. Unless they can locate him first, it appears that she might be his next victim.

Shining Girls Overview

Name of the MovieShining Girls
DirectorMichelle MacLaren
StaringJamie Bell and Amy Brenneman
CastAmy Brenneman ,Jamie Bell , Phillipa Soo , Elisabeth Moss ,Christopher Denham
Release Date29 April 2022
Film IndustryHollywood

Shining Girls Plot

The Chicago Sun-Times has an archivist named Kirby Mazrachi. She was severely attacked years ago and left for dead, but her attacker was never captured. She still struggles to make sense of her constantly shifting reality today because of the trauma of the assault. She finds a murder that is eerily similar to her own attack while searching for her assailant. Together, Kirby and reporter Dan Velazquez investigate many decades-old cold cases with similar deaths and launch their search for a secret serial killer.

Shining Girls Trailer

Shining Girls Cast – FAQs

1. On which OTT platform can we see the Shining Girls movie?  

Shining Girls movie will be released on Apple TV+. So viewers can enjoy watching the movie by subscribing to Apple TV+

2.  Who are the cast members of the Shining Girls movie?

The cast members of Shining Girls movie include

  • Amy Brenneman
  • Jamie Bell
  • Phillipa Soo
  •  Elisabeth Moss
  • Christopher Denham 

3. Who Is The Heroine of Shining Girls movie?  

Amy Brenneman Is The Heroine of Shining Girls movie.

4. Who Is The Hero of Shining Girls movie?  

Jamie Bell Is The Hero of Shining Girls movie.

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