Real World Cast Members Who Have Died 2022, All About Real World Cast Members Died

Real World Cast Members Who Have Died 2022 – The Real World tv show was released on May 21, 1992. Mary-Ellis Bunim is the director of this show and there are 614 episodes in this show. Many people want to know Real World Cast Members Who Have Died in 2022. Let’s check out the article Real World Cast Members Who Have Died 2022.

Real World Cast Members Who Have Died 2022, All About Real World Cast Members Died 

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Real World

The real-world tv show was released on May 21, 1992. This show becomes so popular at that time. American producers Geroge Verschoor, Matt Kunitz, Rick de Oliveira, Anthony Dominici, Russell Heldte, Ted Kenney, and Ken Chien are designing and directing this show. This show is inspired by one of the famous tv shows, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Melrose Place tv show.  Unfortunately, in this show, some famous cast members died. Fans missed them. Even the director, producer, writer, and casting director still remember them. 

Real World Cast Members Who Have Died 2022

Serial No Cast Name Date of Death  
1Frankie Abernathy9 June 2007
2Joey Kovar17 August 2012
3Pedro Zamora 11 November 1972
4Ryan Knight  7 November 2014
5Danny Dias4 June 2017
6Diem Brown14 November 2014

Real World Cast Members Died

1. Frankie Abernathy

Frankie Abernathy was an American Business, designer, and media personality. On her bachelor day, she became famous through Her real-world TV show. Unfortunately, she died on 9 June 2007. His girlfriend, ex-wife, family members, and relatives are getting devasting after his death. Frankie was so passionate, beautiful, and genuine person. She is always kind to all this show’s cast and crew members. The reason behind her death is cystic fibrosis. 

2. Joey Kovar

Joey’s real name is Joseph Eugene Kovar. Joey is an American model, singer, idol, and bodybuilder. He debuted his carrier in bodybuilding. Joey played as a cast member in the 20th season of MTV’s The Real World tv show and The Real World Hollywood tv show. He is a kind of weird, rude, and arrogant person. He was always in a fighting mood with everyone. Unfortunately, Joey died on 17 August 2012. He is always addicted to smoking, alcohol, and cocaine. 

3. Pedro Zamora

Pedro Zamora is a Cuban- American AIDS educator and television personality. He died on 11 November 1972. He was a passionate gentleman and a handsome real-world TV show cast member. He was in a relationship with another cast member Sean Sasser. He debuted his carrier in documentary movies and series. He was a beloved son in his family. He is the richest and less controversial cast member in this show. 

4. Ryan Knight

Ryan Knight is one of the famous cast members in the real-world tv cast show. He died on 7 November 2014. His personal life was unfortunate, tedious and depressing, and devasting. Ryan mentioned that he loves to play Hockey. Even he started to give training to children and sports fellow. He lived with his family in New Orleans. Ryan has a beautiful girlfriend in this show. He even righting a book about her. 

5. Danny Dias

Danny Dias was an American activist, model, designer, and media personality. Danny Dias died on 4 June 2017. He is one of the least problematic members of the real-world tv show. He worked in MTV’s Road Rules, Road Rules: X Treme, Real World Rules Challenge, The Gauntlet 2 show, and many more. He worked in many charities and trusts. He lived with his parents in Linden, New Jersey. 

6. Diem Brown

Diem Brown died on 14 November 2014. He was an American television personality, philanthropist, and entertainment reporter. She is best known as a cast member in a real-world tv show. She is the founder of MedGift.Diem spent her childhood in Baumholder, Germany. She attended high school in Roswell, Georgia. She is a very kind and good relationship with the whole cast and crew members in the show. 

The Real World TV Show Wiki

The Real World tv show became one of the most popular tv shows all over the world in the 1990s. People never missed any episodes of this show. In this show, the cast member was discussing on the regular debut topics like sex, prejudice, religion, abortion, illness, sexuality, AIDS, death, politics, sexual harassment, mentally and physically torture, brutally murder, and many other things. There is a total of twenty cast members in this show. Some of them are heartbroken, drug addicts, smokers, activists, lawyers, purse designers, fitness models, photographers, and philanthropists. Zombies 3 movie is full of drama, comedy, romance, action, adventure, and fantasy. The show’s  Cinematography, background score, and screenplay are mind-blowing. When you watch this show, don’t miss any scenes. This reality show has one opening theme song in every minute of screen presence. This reality show is eligible for every age category.

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