Rajjo: Exclusive! Rocky is back in Kalindi’s life and stalks her!

Rajjo: Exclusive! Rocky is back in Kalindi’s life and stalks her!

Previously, Arjun insults Rajjo for the clothes that she has made for Urvashi by saying that Urvashi is supposed to look like a rich bride.

Rajjo: Exclusive! Rocky is back in Kalindi’s life and stalks her!

MUMBAI : Rajjo, an aspiring athlete from Uttarakhand, goes through many challenges in the program. Manorama, Rajjo’s mother, has a troubled past and is opposed to Rajjo being an athlete. The show is about how Rajjo will respond to the past and fulfil her aspirations in the present after being split up from her mother during the Kedarnath flood, and her chance meeting with Arjun.

The show is gearing up for some very interesting twists and turns.

Previously, we saw that Arjun’s mother wanted to distract Rajjo, and so she spikes her drink. But Arjun drinks it by mistake and gets intoxicated. In that state, he becomes more attached to Rajjo. He lets his guard down and tries to get close to Rajjo. There will also come a point when he will express his feelings! Arjun goes to her room and forcefully makes her lay on the bed. Although Rajjo tries to get up and leave, Arjun forces himself on her and tells her that she is the best, and that she can prove it next day in practice, but for now she needs to rest.

Arjun tries to take away all the displays of romance and love from their room, which is blaringly decorated. Rajjo wakes up, but with no memory of the previous night. He clears up the rose petals and balloons, however, Rajjo sees him bursting the last one and is confused.

Arjun simply reminds her of the practice, and just as Rajjo tries to get down from the bed, she slips and falls into Arjun’s arms.

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In the upcoming episodes, we will see Rocky, who was kicked out after Chirag and Rajjo found out that he was cheating with Kalindi.

Now, we will see that Rocky is back, he will follow Kalindi into the farmhouse and will even stalk her. He will try to convince her to get back together with him, but when that does not happen, things will take a major turn.

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