Large scale smuggling of contraband in Bihar’s Saharsa jail – Patna News

Large scale smuggling of contraband in Bihar’s Saharsa jail – Patna News

Patna, Sep 12 (IANS) BJP MLA Neeraj Kumar Bablu claimed that trading of contraband is taking place at large scale in Bihar’s Saharsa jail.

Large scale smuggling of contraband in Bihar's Saharsa jail - Patna News

Bablu further claims that 80 per cent of the inmates are addicted to contraband. The smuggling of contraband is happening with the connivance of jail superintendent and warders. The situation is alarming here as if any inmate dared to complain against the illegal activities, they were brutally beaten and humiliated by fellow inmates and gangsters.

“We have demanded a thorough inquiry in this matter. He also urged the district and session judge of Saharsa to take cognizance of the matter and take action against the culprits,” Bablu said.

“The units of Bihar military police, home guard, SAP, and police personnel of jail entered the certain sections of the prison between September 4 to September 8 and brutally assaulted some of the inmates. As a result, three inmates named Abhijeet Singh, Vihay Thakur and Siti Mian are seriously injured,” Bablu said.

Beside contrabands, the prison officials are also involved in smuggling of mobile phones. The rate of passing an android phone is Rs 3,000 and for simple phone, it is Rs 1,000. The relatives of the criminals used to give money to the employees deployed at the gate or through the personnel deployed at the watchtowers. The relatives used to throw mobile phones inside the jail from certain sections of the wall and on the signal of personnel deployed at the watchtowers,” Bablu said.

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