Bollywood Legends: This actor-director ran away from home after failing in the eighth, he has given big hits to Bollywood

Bollywood Legends: आठवीं में फेल होकर घर से भाग गया था यह एक्टर-डायरेक्टर, बॉलीवुड को दी हैं इसने बड़ी हिट फिल्में

Rakesh Roshan Career: Rakesh Roshan not only made his place in Hindi films as an actor, but also got great success as a director. His daughter Sunaina Roshan has written the book, To Dad with Love. There is a mention of this interesting incident in it.

Hrithik Roshan Father: One’s education does not completely decide what he will become in the future? What career will you choose? Yes, education definitely makes him a good person. It identifies right and wrong, good and bad. Rakesh Roshan, who is counted among the big names of Bollywood as an actor-director-producer, is a big example of this. Rakesh was very weak in studies in his childhood. He did not feel like studying. But today no one can say that he was not interested in reading. Today he is a big name in the industry. He is counted among the top producer directors.

ran away from home
Rakesh Roshan was the son of Bollywood’s famous musician Roshan of the 1960s-70s. Roshan was very strict and also punctual. Because of this, the fear of father always remained inside Rakesh. The talk is about when Rakesh was in class VIII and his result came. Seeing the result, his senses were blown away. He had failed. He did not have enough courage to face his father with the result. He escaped. When he did not reach home on time, there was a stampede as to where he had gone. Friends and relatives were questioned everywhere. Everyone gathered. A complaint was also made to the police. Everyone felt that someone had kidnapped him in the pursuit of ransom. Searched a lot. After searching with great difficulty, he met him in Dahisar, far away from home. In order to avoid scolding and beating, he had run out of the house.

recruited in Sainik School
After failing in class VIII and running away from home, Rakesh’s father felt that despite being so strict, Rakesh was unable to learn to be disciplined, so he decided to enroll his son in a boarding school. After much deliberation, he was admitted to a military boarding school. This school was Sainik School in Satara, where the son of a friend of Rakesh’s father was also studying. His father Roshan felt that Rakesh might miss the house less due to someone’s support. Thinking this, he got Rakesh admitted to the same boarding school along with his friend’s son. Although he was 2 years senior to Rakesh.

Learn Horse Riding
Staying in boarding school was no less than a punishment for Rakesh. There all the children had to get up at 5 o’clock and jog till 7 o’clock. In terms of discipline, the school was so strict that even on cold days, he had to get up on time. In this school, students were taught many outdoor activities, including horse riding. Rakesh learned this with a great heart. Rakesh got the advantage of studying in that school that not only did he get discipline, he also became a good horse rider. His passion for horse riding is also reflected in his film Khoon Bhari Maang.

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