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10 July Indian Celebrity Birthdays: Famous People Birthdays Indian Celebrity July 10

10 July Indian Celebrity Birthdays – 10 July Indian Celebrity Birthdays – Celebrities refers to the actors, actresses, directors and producers of the Cinema Industry particularly the Indian Cinema Industry. People search for 10 July Indian Celebrity Birthdays. Here is more information given about 10 July Indian Celebrity Birthdays. Get to know about it in the information given below.

Famous Birthdays 10th July

People search for the famous birthdays on the 10th July. Here is more information given about the famous birthdays 10th July. Get to know about famous birthdays 10th July in the information given below without skipping the information given your search. The detailed information given in this website about the famous birthdays of 10th July. There are more famous celebrities whose birthday is on 10th July. Continue reading the given information to know about July 10 famous birthdays in Tamil nadu.

July 10 Famous Birthdays In Tamil Nadu

S.NoBirthday Celebrity NameBirth DateBirthday celebrity Profession
1Anaka AlankamonyJuly 10, 1994Indian squash player
2C. Hayavadana RaoJuly 10, 1865Indian polyglot
3Francis WyattJuly 10, 1882cricketer

July 10 Famous Birthdays In India

S.NoBirthday Celebrity NameBirth DateBirthday celebrity Profession
1Rajnath SinghJuly 10, 1951Indian politician
2Sunil GavaskarJuly 10, 1949Indian cricket player
3Pearl V PuriJuly 10, 1989Indian Actor
4ShamiliJuly 10, 1987actress
5Raghav JuyalJuly 10, 1991dancer
6Alok NathJuly 10, 1956Indian actor
7Kota Srinivasa RaoJuly 10, 1945Indian actor
8Manjari FadnisJuly 10, 1983Indian actress
9Antara MitraJuly 10, 1987Indian singer
10Juhi RustagiJuly 10, 1998actor
11Parveen SultanaJuly 10, 1950Indian classical singer
12Manasi Parekh GohilJuly 10, 1986Indian actress
13SarayuJuly 10, 1990Indian actress
14Damodar Goutam SawangJuly 10, 1963Indian Police Service
15Namit DasJuly 10, 1984Indian actor
16BalabhaskarJuly 10, 1978Indian musician
17Kshitij ThakurJuly 10, 1983Indian politician
18Sunil TatkareJuly 10, 1955Indian politician
19Madan PaliwalJuly 10, 1959Indian business magnate, investor, and philanthropist
20K. S. EshwarappaJuly 10, 1948Indian politician
21Vishweshwar Hegde KageriJuly 10, 1961Indian politician
22K. C. NagJuly 10, 1893Indian mathematician
23Anam Vivekananda ReddyJuly 10, 1955Indian politician
24Gaurav DagaonkarJuly 10, 1982Indian singer
25Asad BhopaliJuly 10, 1921Indian poet and lyricist
26Moti NandiJuly 10, 1931Indian writer and journalist
27Rohit DanuJuly 10, 2002Indian footballer
28Anam Ramanarayana ReddyJuly 10, 1952Indian politician
29Nilesh CabralJuly 10, 1972Indian politician
30Kona Prabhakara RaoJuly 10, 1916Indian politician
31Bhagwan SharmaJuly 10, 1974Indian politician
32Anaka AlankamonyJuly 10, 1994Indian squash player
33Ravi AgarwalJuly 10, 1947Indian mathematician
34Darshana SinghJuly 10, 1974Indian politician
35Syed Amin AshrafJuly 10, 1930Indian academic
36Arpita GhoshJuly 10, 1966Indian politician
37Purnima HembramJuly 10, 1993Indian track and field athlete
38P. K. GurudasanJuly 10, 1935Indian politician
39Babu Rao MediyamJuly 10, 1951Indian politician
40Surendra PrasadJuly 10, 1948Indian communications engineer
41Ankit MukherjeeJuly 10, 1996football player
42Simranjit KaurJuly 10, 1995boxer
43Nagendra Pratap Singh PatelJuly 10, 1968Indian politician
44Gangadhar PradhanJuly 10, 1948Indian dancer
45Arvind GuptaJuly 10, 1953Indian civil servant
46Amoghavarsha JSJuly 10, 1983Indian photographer and filmmaker
47Narayanasami SathyamurthyJuly 10, 1951Indian chemist
48Ashok ParnamiJuly 10, 1954Indian politician
49Ishwar ChaudharyJuly 10, 1988Indian cricketer
50Vaddepalli Narsing RaoJuly 10, 1952Indian politician

10 July Indian Celebrity Birthdays – FAQs

1. Who is referred to as a celebrity?

Celebrities refers to the actors, actresses, directors and producers of the Cinema Industry.

2. List out the July 10 Famous Birthdays In Tamil Nadu?

  • Anaka Alankamony
  • C. Hayavadana Rao
  • Francis Wyatt

3. List out the July 10 Famous Birthdays Indian?

  • Rajnath Singh
  • Sunil Gavaskar
  • Pearl V Puri
  • Shamili
  • Raghav Juyal
  • Alok Nath

4. Who is Rajnath Singh?

Rajnath Singh is an Indian politician serving as the Defence Minister of India.

5. Who is Sunil Gavaskar?

Sunil Manohar Gavaskar, is an Indian cricket commentator and former cricketer who represented India and Bombay from 1971 to 1987.

6. Who is Pearl V Puri?

Pearl V Puri is an Indian actor and model. 

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